Lord of the Clans: From Gladiator to Warchief

Hello everyone. Last time I told you that my next post would be about the only other Warcraft book I have read in a single day; which is Lord of the Clans also by Christie Golden. This review enters in my category of minor spoilers so while there will be a few, those that hadn’t read the book can read this easily enough. Let’s begin shall we?

Well, for starters, I found this book interesting one way or another in every page. Right from the start, it caught my attention immensely. Moreover, any fan of the Warcraft series will be able to relate to the book, and even those who aren’t should be able to pick it up and understand what’s going on. Obviously, someone who hasn’t played the games won’t be familiar with all the names and characters mentioned, but you don’t need to have a firm grasp on the Warcraft story-line to appreciate the actual book.

This book also provides the necessary background for everyone who didn’t understand what appeared to be an abrupt shift in the mind-set of the Horde during Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos. Yes, the New Horde under Thrall looked far more honorable than the previous incarnation but many wondered why. This book should clear up that question and more. There are also a few familiar faces from other books and from the Warcraft games, especially from the non-online games.

Also, this book is one of my favorite Warcraft books for many reasons. I love the themes, it provided the back-story for one of my favorite characters in-game, but mostly because this is the Warcraft book that has shocked me the most despite the fact it’s also the shortest one I have read. There were several parts where I literally gasped and my mind thought “no way, did that just happened?”.

Besides, if I wouldn’t know any better I would have said that Christie knew both Thrall and Blackmoore intimately because the way she wrote their characters so convincingly was next to perfect. And I can’t remember the last time a writer made me hate a book antagonist with a passion so much that near the end I really wanted Thrall to kill him.

Some readers think that the book was a bit predictable and to a degree it was but I believe it was an entertaining sort of predictable because I never got bored even though I did have an idea of where the plot was heading. Still, the parts of utter shock made me re-think that a few times.

Overall, the only flaw I can really spot in this book was that it was so good 278 pages seem too few in retrospective. As I have said, I finished it in a day and I wouldn’t have mind to take a week to finish it if there would have been more of such awesome a plot to entertain me.

Because this book is definitely one of my favorites and the other reasons listed above, I give it a solid A+.

Well, that’s it for now. Thank you very much for reading every one. Leave a comment if you have anything to say to me. Follow me if you like my posts and until next time guys, see-ya!


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