Bio: I am from Panama, male, and after reading posts that caught my attention from the entertainment business for years I finally decided to start my own blog. I will write posts about things I like a lot in the entertainment business, such as TV shows, movies, and books, especially reviews for World of Warcraft books but I may add posts on other themes should I feel like they interest me. As for my public displayed name, forcystus is simply the name I have used the most for online accounts, especially for fanfiction.net On that topic, a few friends of mine united to make our version of season 2 for The Secret Circle after the TV show was cancelled after Season 1. It's currently one of the most popular fanfics of The Secret Circle within the fandom if you look at the reviews (both in number and quality) hits, and visitors. So, if you love Thee Secret Circle and hate that it was cancelled, check out this link to start reading the first chapter: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8148017/1/The-Secret-Circle-Season-Two I hope my posts will be well accepted in this community and that my readers enjoy them.

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